Year 7 and 8

Building futures through a strong diverse Year 7 and 8 programme.

What are the benefits of experiencing Year 7 and 8 at a full primary?

At Green Island School, we recognise the growing maturity and capability of our students at this level of the school. We believe a full primary experience offers the best of both worlds; the supportive personal experience in a familiar setting and new experiences outside of our school. This smooths the transition between childhood and young adulthood. This can be a turbulent time for young people, a sudden and complete change of environment can add to the challenges of this time in life.

Green Island School has given me:

  • A safe environment.
  • Communication and leadership skills.
  • Maturity and an understanding of others.
  • Strategies to be a leader not a boss.
  • Strategies to face problems and control my emotions.
  • Friendships and independence.

(Reflections of past Year 7 & 8 students)

GIS Tool Kit for the Future
We build successful 21st century citizens through:

Personalised Learning:

  • Strong Literacy and Numeracy Programmes.
  • Inquiry Based Learning
  • Continuity from Year 6

Leadership Opportunities:

  • GRIP Leadership Training
  • Key responsibilities throughout the school
  • Scholarships available


  • Outdoor Education
  • Fabric, Food and Hard Materials Technology
  • Digital Technology

Support and Safety:

  • Continued emphasis and teaching of social and emotional skills
  • Various Wellbeing Programmes embedded throughout the curriculum
  • Continuation of our supportive family environment