Transport Safety


Our school entrance is situated on a narrow stretch of road. We ask drivers to treat Howden Street as ONE WAY (down hill only). This makes a huge difference to the safety and traffic flow in this area. Parents are asked to observe the yellow no parking lines on the opposite side of the road from the school. Double parking to pick up children should also be avoided. Please keep the entrance to the school free in order that children may be supervised across the road safely.

Road Crossings

Senior students will operate a traffic warden system to help children cross Howden Street outside the school and at the corner of Howden and Kirkland Streets. Please encourage your child to obey the wardens’ signs and ensure that you cross the road where the wardens are operating.


It is recommended by the New Zealand Police that children should not ride bicycles to school until 10 years of age. It is New Zealand law that all cyclists wear a helmet.