Support and Safety

Digital Technology

Students will increasingly be using technology in their learning and work. Within the classroom the students are guided to use these tools safely.
Building digitally literate learners through access to:girls on ipad

  • Class chromebooks
  • Bring Your Own Devices programme
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Computer coding through Robocup.


Year 7 and 8 is a new and exciting time. Students are experiencing many new and changing responsibilities and challenges. The challenges and changes which are an important part of the teen years can be stressful and at times difficult. Friendships, making decisions, learning to work through challenges and change require support, guidance, trust and strong role models. We believe the full-primary experience can offer a safe space to begin this journey.  Through programmes such as: Keeping Ourselves Safe (DARE), Pubertal Change, Life Education, Cyber safety, Outdoor Education and Fabric, Food and Hard Materials Technology lessons, students will explore their growing ability to make good choices, make the best of new opportunities and enhance relationships with others.

RobotsCommunities are full of people of different ages and a full primary school offers an environment which reflects this reality. Feeling pressure to fit in with a peer group can be intensified in an environment that is dominated by students all of the same age.