Public Health Nurse

Our Public Health Nurse, Suzanne Wilson, visits the school on a regular basis and is available for consultation by parents, phone: 476 9878.

Chat Bus

Chat Bus is a counselling service for children under 14 years of age and operates in fifteen schools across the city. Chat Bus visits Green Island School every Thursday.

We require parents’ permission for children to attend counselling. Chat Bus would be in contact with parents about anything that causes concern.

Chat Bus can be contacted on 022 107 6095 or after 3:30pm 454 6214.

Dental Clinic (Health)

Dental Therapists now work from a mobile clinic, situated at Abbotsford School. They can be contacted on 027 284 9754. You can send a text message and they will call you back.

Other Screening Tests

Hearing and Vision Screening Tests are held regularly at school, you will be notified if your child is due for testing.


Lunchtime faith lessons are held in the library which you can organise for your child to be a part of. These sessions are optional.