Injuries to Pupils/ Emergencies

It is important that the school has on file an accurate record of parent/caregiver telephone numbers and an additional emergency number. If changing address or work place, please remember to notify the school office. In the event of a serious accident, every effort will be made to contact a parent/caregiver as soon after the accident as possible. If we are in any doubt at all, we take the most cautious approach and may require that a child be taken from school to be checked by the family doctor, or in the event of a serious injury, an ambulance may be called.

Administration of Medication by School Staff

The staff of the school are willing to administer medication to your child subject to the following conditions:

  1. The medication is provided to the school office by the parent/caregiver of the child and is clearly labelled and named.
  2. Written instructions are to be provided to the school office regarding how the medication is to be administered: which medication; in what quantity and when it is to be administered. A form is available at the office.
  3. Staff at school will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the medication is administered in accordance with the instructions, but cannot be held responsible for: any side effects of the medication; not administering the medication on any particular occasion; not administering the medication in accordance with instructions; monitoring the schedule for administration of the medication.

Money to the School Office

All monies sent to the school are to be in a sealed envelope and labeled clearly with: child’s name and the order, in the case of school lunches or the activity e.g. swimming.


At least twice a term you will have the option to purchase books from Scholastic. Order forms for ABC, Lucky, Arrow and Star Book Clubs will be sent home. Please put money for these together with the order form in a clearly named envelops and return to the office. Cheques should be made out to Scholastic New Zealand. Orders can also be made online with Scholastic.

Lost Property

Please ensure your child’s clothing, lunch boxes, drink bottles and school bags are named. Lost property is located outside the office foyer.


Lists of stationery requirements will be provided at the beginning of the school year.
All stationery required by the children can be purchased through the school.