Nurturing your New Entrant

Your child’s first classroom at Green Island School will be the Kereru Nest. This classroom and programme is designed specifically to support a smooth transition into school life. Through hands on, child centred learning opportunities, children choose from a variety of workstations.

Your child will be in the Kereru Nest for their whole first school year. They will not need to adapt to another classroom or change once they are happy and confident about their place on their journey through our school. As the nest grows additional teacher support will be put in place to ensure low teacher to student ratios continue.

The ‘Little Learners’ is our transition to school programme. We offer the opportunity every Tuesday afternoon for children to integrate into the class programme. Children may begin these visits up to six months prior to beginning school.

Every Friday morning all of the children in Kereru class participate in a PMP (Perceptual Motor Programme). This helps develop gross and fine motor skills in preparation for learning.

Kereru class are a part of the Junior Syndicate (Year 0-4). To help our new learners meet other children in the school and get to know the teachers and wider learning environment of our school we have Junior Explorers. The children are in mixed class groupings to rotate around the teachers and classroom for different learning experiences.


Taking Flight- First Day at Green Island School