Little Learners

IMG_5578We value your child having a positive start to their journey at our school. To do everything we can to ensure this happens we encourage you to join our Little Learners Programme.

This programme provides a bridge from early childhood experiences to their first year at our school through regular, supported visits to their new learning space.

By the time your little learner begins school they will: know their teacher, know the other children in the classroom, be familiar with the classroom and school environment and know the routines and expectations for a successful first year at school.

As a parent you will have a strong sense of the type of environment, the learning opportunities available and who will support your child in their exciting transition to school.

“Thank you to all of the staff at Green Island School for the wonderful first year our daughter has had. The Little Learners programme prepared her so well to begin her journey with confidence. By the time she started she couldn’t wait for us to leave and let her get on with everything your school has provided her.

The special programme for her first year has helped her to develop so much confidence and we are amazed at her academic progress. We were so concerned that she did not know any other children at the school; her sense of belonging at Green Island is so strong. Her only complaint; she hates the holidays.”
Parent feedback.