Kiwi Adventuring Spirit

Green Island School Y6 Camp 2017 214We encourage all students to challenge themselves and embrace the Kiwi adventuring spirit in the many incredible experiences we provide in our Outdoor Education programme which is second to none.

Your child will enjoy educational experiences all over Dunedin during their time at Green Island School on regular school trips.

At Green Island School, students will also experience many adventures in the great outdoors. New Zealand is blessed with wide open spaces and we believe experiencing this is an important part of growing up in New Zealand.

Over the time your son or daughter is in the Senior area of the school they will  enjoy three uniquely New Zealand educational opportunities, these experiences create memories that will last a lifetime. Memories of achievements and connections made during these experiences can carry young adults through many future challenges.

Year 6- Bannockburn Camp

Year 7- Sailing

Rafting Year 7 and 8

Cycling- Senior School

Year 8- Deep Cove

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