Innovative Play

Jump in Puddles

Even break times are designed to support students to build character and resilience.

Year 7 and 8 students take many nurturing leadership roles over the breaktimes organising experiences and supporting younger children.

We say ‘Yes’ to student play ideas more than we say ‘No’. The children have many opportunities to demonstrate self-regulation. They are responsible, respectful and safe when enjoying the exciting activities during playtime and lunchtime.

Sometimes in attempts to reduce risk, the joy of being a child is accidentally remove .
At Green Island School, we believe supporting and trusting children to learn about making respectful, responsible and safe choices during play prepares them for the challenges of life and builds confidence in their ability to make choices.

Student Ideas and GamesIMG_4796

Many activities enjoyed in the break-times have been initiated by the students. The senior students have developed a game similar to volleyball. The students have created the rules and objectives of the game and teachers have facilitated the process of this.

Wide Open Spaces even a Flying Fox

The school has extensive grounds including lots of natural spaces for the children to explore. There is a running track and large field, large sealed areas for ball games. The senior play area has netball and basketball courts and a turf area for volleyball. Our school recently built a flying fox which is very popular.

Passive Play

The activities organised for lunchtimes also include passive play options. Some children may enjoy curling up with a good book or playing a board game in the library rather than running around.  Enjoying time to relax in the quiet is also a life-long wellness skill we encourage.


Scooters can be brought to school two days of the week. There are many places for students to store their scooters and designated areas for them to ride them.

Raincoats and Boots_MG_0215

The school supplies sets of raincoats and gumboots. Light rain and overcast conditions are not barriers for the children to enjoy being outdoors.