Parents and Whānau

The school communicates with parents and whānau in several ways:

Weekly Newsletters

School newsletters are distributed to the eldest child in each family, every Monday. The newsletters aim to keep parents informed of school events and happenings.


Full school assemblies are held Friday at 2:30pm fortnightly in the Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Friendly Chats

If you have any concerns at anytime, you should feel comfortable to approach your child’s teacher. Being a partner with your child’s teacher has so many benefits to everyone. Being involved with school and having a positive relationship makes it easier to discuss any challenges that may occur for your child as a normal part of growing up.


Homework is an integral part of the school programme. We need parent support for this continuing education of your children and to build a home and school connection. Please ensure your child completes work set.

Online Spaces

The school has a website and facebook page which are updated with school news.