Friends Of The School (FOTS)

The Friends of the School (FOTS) committee is a group of mostly parents and staff who work hard to enrich all of our children’s time at Green Island School and contribute to our own experience of living in this great place. Many of the school programmes and projects our community would like to see continue are not directly funded by the Ministry of Education; FOTS value what our school offers and want to provide: high quality swimming lessons; amazing outdoor adventures and new innovative learning experiences and resources for use by our children. All money raised is spent on projects within that year; ensuring what you work hard for, you will see your child benefit from and know you helped make that happen.

Contact FOTS Committee for more information or to share ideas, or offers of help by email at

FOTS aim to:

  • Use the collective skills, knowledge, work and connections of our community to contribute positively to the school environment and our children.
  • Support the connection and partnership of parents, staff and community; creating a place for our children to belong.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to actively participate in their community, for all of our children, in rewarding and meaningful ways.
  • Create, plan and implement fundraising events and experiences that contribute happy and proud memories during each family’s time at Green Island School.
  • Support the teaching team to provide opportunities for parents to learn about how our contribution at home can support our children’s learning at school.
  • Support a positive image of our school within the wider community; create a welcoming and supportive network for all families.

How can you help?

The Green Island School Friends of the School committee (FOTS), is a friendly group of parents and staff who support our school. Whatever your family can offer makes our projects possible.

Become a Member
We are always looking for new members enthusiastic about what we can do for our school and children. Consider joining the FOTS team; you can dip your toes in or throw yourself into projects and tasks that suit your skills and interests.

2019 FOTS Meeting Minutes

Help When You Can
We know how busy everyone can be and how problematic making a permanent commitment can be. For those families who would like to be involved but who are unable to join the FOTS committee, don’t let that stop you. If you are able to spare an hour of your time to help occasionally that is so appreciated.

We have established a database using email and mobile phone contacts to keep you up to date with events coming up and give you the opportunity to help out and be involved, especially in areas you have indicated interest and skill.

From time to time, we ask local businesses to support us in fundraising events; if you or your extended family have connections to businesses you think would be happy to support the school please let us know. Community connections is what FOTS is all about.