Family Environment

“You learn so much here and accomplish so many things here. The school is the most amazing place.” (Student comment)

Our family atmosphere creates a genuine sense of belonging. All learners are among teachers and children whom they know well and are in a safe and friendly environment. The continuity of education for children from New Entrants to Year 8 is a feature of our school. The teaching and support staff, led by our Principal Mr Steve Hayward are a dedicated, experienced and fun-loving group of people, who emulate the school’s vision and values. Buddy shot.png

Staff aim to surround your children in an environment full of rich experiences and opportunities where children can take risks to succeed and achieve their personal goals with encouragement. The staff focus on delivering the best possible education to every child by focusing on their individual needs and abilities.

Literacy and numeracy skills are emphasised throughout the school. Additional support is available when appropriate through Reading Recovery, Rainbow Reading, extra support is provided to target groups in mathematics. Critical literacy skills are taught and the AVAILL programme is used to enhance literacy at the Year 7 and 8 level.


Our discos are very well attended: students, parents and teachers can and do dress up. Games are organised, snacks, water and glowtoys are available at our disco store. The Year 7 and 8 students organise the disco music, games and decorations; and carry out other jobs on the night. We have two discos one is a free-choice theme (many students choose to dress in more formal clothes, others go for costumes) and one in October is very much a dress up one, many students wearing spooky- style costumes- but anything goes.

IMG20210625193117Favourite games such as limbo and corners ensure the children dance and participate rather than just run around. There is a Junior and a Senior disco, one after the other. No students may leave the hall without a parent coming to collect them from the hall.