Full Primary, Full of Opportunities

Outdoor Education
Building respectful, responsible, safe citizens in the outdoors through:IMG20211027102814

  • Western Hills Adventure day
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Harbour Sailing
  • Local Day Tramp
  • Doubtful Sound Camp

Extra Curricular
Polyfest 2016-0082Building well-rounded students through a range of diverse opportunities such as:

  • Rock band
  • Arts Blast
  • Science Badges
  • Marine Studies through University of Otago
  • Biochemistry through University of Otago
  • A variety of sports teams
  • Inter-school sporting opportunities
  • Swimsation at Moana Pool
  • EPro 8 Technology Challenge
  • RoboCup

“Best of both worlds”
Students experience intermediate life through the following technologies:

  • Fabrics
  • Foods
  • Hard Materials

Every Friday morning at Balmacewen Intermediate.