Celebrating our Place

anzacWe respect and honour those who have come before us and helped to create our safe and special place in the world. One of the ways we do this is getting out and enjoying being here.

Students have so many opportunities to connect to their community, to contribute and to be express gratitude for what we have here.


Many soldiers returned from war to establish their families in Green Island. Respecting the sacrifice that many past students have made for all of us is a part of school life. The senior students take responsibility for organising these commemorations.


Earth Day Instagram Post Blue Simple and MinimalisticThe school connects with our local environment and community in many ways. Children garden both at school and in the local community gardens.

The school has an active Enviro-Group that students can engage with to learn about predator monitoring, composting, insect and bird habitats and feeding, recycling and repurposing.

Students run systems within the school to reduce waste, educating the school community about environmental issues and take part in citizen science work. The poster displayed was made by a student in the group.

IMG_4768The group have many projects around the school to give back to the natural spaces in our school and community.


Our school celebrates and acknowledges events, change and achievement through annual events such as our final assembly of the year and unique moments in ways that recognise the human significance to our school community.

Below, the blessing and haka at the opening of the school’s Bike Track.